“I believe that the astonishingly consistent and nuanced reality of the planetary correlations with the archetypal dynamics of human life is one of the most compelling intimations we have that we live in a meaning-laden and purposeful universe.”

-Richard Tarnas


At some point, everyone struggles with the dilemma of creating and maintaining work-life balance. No matter who we are or where we work, this core desire for peace and prosperity drives all of us. Thankfully, you need the same skills to be successful in business as you do to be successful as a family and community: you have to know your role on your team and do your part in a constructive and timely fashion; you have to commit to keeping everybody on the same page – working together as a team and moving towards your common goals; and you have to be able to operate in the black. 
Especially now.

Given our current social and economic realities, it is essential to create a customized, integrated success strategy that will work for you. In addition to traditional methods, Beth can also utilize her skills as a clairvoyant psychic medium, a past life regression therapist, and an astrologer to help identify the priorities of the moment, and determine how to move forward towards your goals in the most balanced way. If you need help building bridges to your dreams, contact Beth at 805.708.2935 or thebusinesspsychic@gmail.com.

She can help you to create the personal power, peace and prosperity in life that you’re looking for.