“Hoping for the best, prepared for the worst, and unsurprised by anything in between.”

-Maya Angelou

“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach him how to fish and he eats for a lifetime." 

- Unknown origin


I see dead people. I am psychic, a seer, an oracle, a sage, a mystic, a prophetess – a student and a teacher of the world’s great mysteries, and a bridge between this world and the other worlds. On a good day, I give you information from those worlds and its denizens to help you find your way through this one with a little more grace, humor and dignity. On a better day, I can teach you how to have more of a direct line for yourself.

For some, it can be a bit of a stretch to understand my areas of expertise and the different tools I use. I get it. It seems unconventional. Nontraditional. For others, it makes perfect sense; it is the way things have been done since humans first started living together in communities. History books, spiritual texts and scriptures, the epic poems and oral traditions of ancient and aboriginal cultures are full of stories of people like me. The ability to create more integration between the spiritual, and material worlds has always been crucial to the survival of the tribe, the village, the Christendom, the nation.

It may start with a reading for an individual, a small business that needs help managing a transition, or a family in a full blown crisis. As rapport is established, I become the trusted advisor the shaman of the tribe, the village rector, the one you call first. And over time, I become your Yoda, the one who shows you the power of the force within you, and the grace you can create when you awaken it.

If you have questions about how I work or what I can do for you and your group, family or business, please contact me by phone at 805.708.2935, or at any time by email at TheBusinessPsychic@gmail.com


Beth has been a business consultant for non-profit and for profit organizations since 1990. She is a master at blending ancient wisdoms with modern success models. The combination of these modalities results in an integrated approach to creating peak performing individuals and high performing cultures that is fun and effective, scalable and sustainable, rich and rewarding.

A born strategist, Beth excels at helping you and your business create the right road-map to your goals. She uses traditional methods and philosophies established by management luminaries such as Peter Drucker, and W. Edwards Deming.

Beth will guide you through the process of fact-based decision-making: creating marketing plans, business plans, human resource and management policies and plans, public relations campaigns, lobbying campaigns, and political campaigns based on rock-solid market research, risk assessments, audits and in-depth financial analysis. Additionally, she can help you better manage risk, address public image problems, upgrading your corporate culture, develop your board, as well as find and manage investors.

If you have any further, more specific questions about how Beth works or what she can do for your business, please call her at 805.708.2935, or email her at thebusinesspsychic@gmail.com.



"When written in Chinese, the word crisis is composed of two characters. One represents danger

and the other opportunity."

-John F. Kennedy


The best crisis management is to operate on a day to day basis with an emphasis on crisis prevention. That requires having a plan, a strategy for whatever you are trying to achieve and all that you are trying to avoid. Most crises arise from not being prepared, not having a plan, relying solely on hope. And while hope is a component part of any strategy, hope in and of itself is not a strategy. When the unforeseen becomes a crisis, Beth can help you get clear, get aligned, and get moving with a minimum of disruption to your life, your business, your family, your finances and your public image. Then she’ll help you make the changes necessary so you never have that experience again. Contact Beth to find out more about how to manage change and prevent crises at 805.708.2935, or email her at thebusinesspsychic@gmail.com.



“Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out.”

– Stephen Covey


High performing organizational cultures are filled with peak performing individuals. And peak performing individuals are not accidents or freaks of nature. They are consciously created and nurtured using an integrated variety of time-tested methods: business, financial, political, legal, psychological, and spiritual. Integrated solutions have been used for thousands of years to fine tune an organization’s goals, values, practices, and results.

In both bull and bear markets, Beth helps you work in harmony with universal forces. Greater alignment and attunement empowers you to push through challenges more quickly, implement strategies with more clarity and confidence, and more easily handle the daily ups and downs that threaten to derail your life, business, lawsuit or political campaign.

If you’d like to develop customized, integrated success strategies to resolve your organizations toughest challenges, call Beth, a Santa Barbara-based business consultant, intuitive and astrologer, at 805.708.2935 or email thebusinesspsychic@gmail.com.




“The essential purpose of astrology is not so much to tell us what we will meet on our road, as it is to suggest how to meet it – and the basic reason for the meeting. Which quality in us, which type of strength is needed to go through any specific phase of our total unfoldment as an individual person.”

-Dane Rudhyar


As a business astrologer and corporate intuitive, Beth creates customized, highly integrated success strategies for clients using traditional business methods, astrological charts, and her intuition. Her job is to help you create a greater sense of work-life balance.

Ultimately, Beth's goal is to help you find the career security and advancement you want within the container of your personal values and risk tolerances. That way, you make better decisions, avoid preventable chaos and self-inflicted wounds, develop confidence in your core strengths, and maintain the kind of career momentum that is right for you and your family.

If you truly believe that better is possible for you, Beth has a variety of business, financial, spiritual, and psychological tools at her disposal, to help you get there. To learn more about Beth's work as a corporate astrologer and intuitive consultant, and how she can help you achieve your goals, please call her at 805.708.2935, or email her at thebusinesspsychic@gmail.com.




“I believe that the astonishingly consistent and nuanced reality of the planetary correlations with the archetypal dynamics of human life is one of the most compelling intimations we have that we live in a meaning-laden and purposeful universe.”

-Richard Tarnas


At some point, everyone struggles with the dilemma of creating and maintaining work-life balance. No matter who we are or where we work, this core desire for peace and prosperity drives all of us. Thankfully, you need the same skills to be successful in business as you do to be successful as a family and community: you have to know your role on your team and do your part in a constructive and timely fashion; you have to commit to keeping everybody on the same page – working together as a team and moving towards your common goals; and you have to be able to operate in the black. 
Especially now.

Given our current social and economic realities, it is essential to create a customized, integrated success strategy that will work for you. In addition to traditional methods, Beth can also utilize her skills as a clairvoyant psychic medium, a past life regression therapist, and an astrologer to help identify the priorities of the moment, and determine how to move forward towards your goals in the most balanced way. If you need help building bridges to your dreams, contact Beth at 805.708.2935 or thebusinesspsychic@gmail.com.

She can help you to create the personal power, peace and prosperity in life that you’re looking for.


“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

-Joseph Campbell


There simply is no greater opportunity for healing and transformation than that of the death process. As a death midwife, Beth supports the dying, their families, their communities, and their medical teams so that end-of-life transitions are as emotionally comfortable and as spiritually gratifying as possible.

With the ongoing changes in our society and our health care system, more and more families are faced with the prospect of having a loved one die at home. While there are numerous challenges to this, with the right intention and guidance, the benefits will far outweigh the difficulties. Beth provides you and your family with the insight and information you need to create harmony and confidence during a transitional time.

To learn more about Beth, her work as a death midwife and intuitive consultant, and how she can help you and your loved ones have a more graceful end-of-life experience, please call her at 805.708.2935, or email her at thebusinesspsychic@gmail.com.



Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

-Carl Jung


Integration is a big word. And an important one. Over time, it has meant different things to different people, from mathematicians to ministers. In healing and consciousness parlance, integration is the process of utilizing elements from different disciplines in order to understand and unify the different parts of your psyche and your soul, and create greater alignment with the collective unconscious and greater harmony between your material and spiritual lives. It is something that transcends lifetimes: an ongoing, eternal process.

Regardless of where you are in the integration process, Beth can help you move forward through it with greater ease and grace. Using a variety of time-tested methods, she guides you through your own personal renaissance, your rebirth. She starts with your life purpose, then moves through a better understanding of how all the disparate parts of you fit together, and then helps you to weave those threads together into the tapestry that is your life, so it creates a more beautiful picture.

Her work is particularly helpful if your work life and your personal life are out of balance, if are a trauma survivor, if you have had one or more near death experiences, if you struggle with unreconciled issues, if you have been dissatisfied with or confused by the shadow work you have done to date, or if you have experimented with Journeying, either with Shamanic Practitioners and/or Plant Medicines. Contact Beth for more information more about integration at 805.708.2935, or email her at thebusinesspsychic@gmail.com.