An integrated, holistic approach based on the interdependence of all parts of your life and business.

business consulting

Business/marketing planning and progressive management and PR solutions that build positive relationships with employees and the general public.

crisis management

Crisis prevention and crisis management strategies and support customized to your specific situation and risk tolerances, and tailored to avoid disruptions to the flow of business.


integrated strategies

Fact-based, goal-driven strategies and support designed to keep your career and your personal life moving forward, harmoniously.


Work with Beth and break through to the next level.


Beth McDonald is a master at combining ancient wisdoms with modern models.

Her integrated approach to creating peak performing individuals and high performing cultures is fun and effective, scalable and sustainable, rich and rewarding.

She gives you tools and insights that will serve you for a lifetime.

Beth McDonald, Psychic Business Consultant & Astrologer

Beth McDonald, Psychic Business Consultant & Astrologer