Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

-Carl Jung


Integration is a big word. And an important one. Over time, it has meant different things to different people, from mathematicians to ministers. In healing and consciousness parlance, integration is the process of utilizing elements from different disciplines in order to understand and unify the different parts of your psyche and your soul, and create greater alignment with the collective unconscious and greater harmony between your material and spiritual lives. It is something that transcends lifetimes: an ongoing, eternal process.

Regardless of where you are in the integration process, Beth can help you move forward through it with greater ease and grace. Using a variety of time-tested methods, she guides you through your own personal renaissance, your rebirth. She starts with your life purpose, then moves through a better understanding of how all the disparate parts of you fit together, and then helps you to weave those threads together into the tapestry that is your life, so it creates a more beautiful picture.

Her work is particularly helpful if your work life and your personal life are out of balance, if are a trauma survivor, if you have had one or more near death experiences, if you struggle with unreconciled issues, if you have been dissatisfied with or confused by the shadow work you have done to date, or if you have experimented with Journeying, either with Shamanic Practitioners and/or Plant Medicines. Contact Beth for more information more about integration at 805.708.2935, or email her at thebusinesspsychic@gmail.com.