Beth has been a business consultant for non-profit and for profit organizations since 1990. She is a master at blending ancient wisdoms with modern success models. The combination of these modalities results in an integrated approach to creating peak performing individuals and high performing cultures that is fun and effective, scalable and sustainable, rich and rewarding.

A born strategist, Beth excels at helping you and your business create the right road-map to your goals. She uses traditional methods and philosophies established by management luminaries such as Peter Drucker, and W. Edwards Deming.

Beth will guide you through the process of fact-based decision-making: creating marketing plans, business plans, human resource and management policies and plans, public relations campaigns, lobbying campaigns, and political campaigns based on rock-solid market research, risk assessments, audits and in-depth financial analysis. Additionally, she can help you better manage risk, address public image problems, upgrading your corporate culture, develop your board, as well as find and manage investors.

If you have any further, more specific questions about how Beth works or what she can do for your business, please call her at 805.708.2935, or email her at