“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach him how to fish and he eats for a lifetime." 

- Unknown origin


I see dead people. I am psychic, a seer, an oracle, a sage, a mystic, a prophetess – a student and a teacher of the world’s great mysteries, and a bridge between this world and the other worlds. On a good day, I give you information from those worlds and its denizens to help you find your way through this one with a little more grace, humor and dignity. On a better day, I can teach you how to have more of a direct line for yourself.

For some, it can be a bit of a stretch to understand my areas of expertise and the different tools I use. I get it. It seems unconventional. Nontraditional. For others, it makes perfect sense; it is the way things have been done since humans first started living together in communities. History books, spiritual texts and scriptures, the epic poems and oral traditions of ancient and aboriginal cultures are full of stories of people like me. The ability to create more integration between the spiritual, and material worlds has always been crucial to the survival of the tribe, the village, the Christendom, the nation.

It may start with a reading for an individual, a small business that needs help managing a transition, or a family in a full blown crisis. As rapport is established, I become the trusted advisor the shaman of the tribe, the village rector, the one you call first. And over time, I become your Yoda, the one who shows you the power of the force within you, and the grace you can create when you awaken it.

If you have questions about how I work or what I can do for you and your group, family or business, please contact me by phone at 805.708.2935, or at any time by email at TheBusinessPsychic@gmail.com