Astrological Teaching, Training & Public Speaking

Classes and workshops, trainings and team-buildings, public speaking and appearances are all very fun, very flexible, and very fluid mediums. To be the most effective, they require an atmosphere of safety, trust, and respect. They demand clear vision, a strong container, and truly inspired communication. I love this work, and over the years I have become an experienced speaker, teacher, facilitator, and guide.

I continually am honored by the diversity of businesses and groups that ask for my support on their journeys. If you need help creating a transformational experience for your group, or if you need any further information on my astrological teaching, please call me at 805.963.0842 or email me at

Entertainment and Events

One-of-a-kind events and entertainment

Whether it’s a birthday or a bridal shower, a fundraiser or a radio show, a reunion or a corporate conference, I have gained an awesome reputation for being an integral part of one-of-a-kind events and entertainments. I believe that every moment has its magic, and it is my goal to help you find yours. I strive to provide guests, attendees, and audiences with a fabulously memorable experience.

If you are interested in creating a spectacular moment for the people attending your event, contact me at 805.963.0842 or Together, we’ll create something innovative, engaging, and custom-made.